Psalms 11-13

As we prepare to worship the Lord together today, let’s read Psalms 11-13.

Psalm 12 began with an appeal to the Lord for assistance: “Help, Lord.” This cry for help came from the untrustworthiness of others (vv. 1b-2). People assure us of their unwavering devotion. They tell us, “You can count on me!” and “I’ll always be here for you,” but we all know what it is like to be betrayed. We’ve all felt the disappointment and fear that comes from counting on someone who made promises to us that he did not keep. Verse 2 complained about how common lies are. People say one thing and encourage you with words, but they have insincere motives. David called on the Lord to silence sinful speech in verses 3-4 and God answered in verses 5-6. In contrast to the insincere promises of people, God’s promises are reliable. You can build your life on them; that’s what verse 6 means when it says, “And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times.”

I don’t know if you watch news and the political talk shows on Sunday or if you tune into the celebrity preachers on TV. Some people do these things instead of coming to the Lord’s church; don’t be one of them. Gather with us this morning! It may not be the most interesting message you ever hear, but it will be the direct teaching of God’s word as faithfully and carefully as I can bring it. Ignore the politicians and other liars and build your life on the promises of God’s word instead. His promises are purer than the most carefully refined precious metals on earth, so you can build your life on them and find them to be dependable.