Exodus 17, Job 35, Luke 1

Read Exodus 17, Job 35, and Luke 1 today. This devotional is about Exodus 17.

If the Jews who were delivered from Egypt are known for anything, it is their complaining.  They complained and worried about how they were going to be fed and they complained here in Exodus 17:2 about the lack of water.

It is easy to dismiss them as ungrateful people. God had miraculously delivered them and miraculously provided for them already in the desert. So why would they complain again at Meribah instead of waiting to see how God would provide them with water?

The answer is that their complaints were a symptom of a lack of faith (v. 7). But, how often do we complain and question God when we have to wait on him? And, the things we need and want from God are so often less critical than the water and food the people of Israel needed to survive day after day. If you’re anxious about something in your life and asking “is the Lord among us or not?”, then be encouraged by this story from Exodus 17. Not only did God provide for the Israelites, despite their complaints, but he also protected them from the attacks of the Amalekites (vv. 8-16).