Psalms 20-23

As we prepare to worship the Lord together this morning, let’s read Psalms 20-23.

The psalms we read today take us on a roller-coster of emotions.

  • In Psalm 20, David spoke a prayer-wish for deliverance and victory in verses 1-5, then affirmed his confidence that victory comes from the Lord.
  • In Psalm 21 David rejoiced and prayed God for answering his prayers and blessing him with victory over his enemies.
  • In Psalm 22, however, David cried out to God, bemoaning the fact that God seemed far away and unresponsive to his cries for help.
  • Psalm 23 brings us to the familiar, comforting affirmation that the Lord is watching over us like a shepherd, leading us, providing for us, protecting us, and taking us safely into eternity when this life is over.

These songs remind us that living by faith in God is not always joy and rejoicing. There are moments when God seems distant and our hearts despair. Wherever you find yourself emotionally today, there is something for you in one of the Psalms. If you are rejoicing over answered prayer or just enjoying all the blessings God has brought into your life, take a few moments to pray, allowing the phrases of Psalm 21 to stimulate your thanks and praise to God. If you are hurting, suffering, questioning the Lord, take time to pray and allow Psalms 22 and 23 to give a voice to your pain and invite the Lord’s direction and comfort in your life. Then come together for our weekly worship service and let’s enjoy the the family time we have as God’s people together.