NT17 Testing

If you’re reading this post in your email, it is because you’ve subscribed to receive my devotionals for 2017 by email. This is just a test message to make sure everything is working for January 1. So, you can feel free to quit reading now and delete this email because, if you’re reading it, it’s working fine.

Still reading? Here’s my explanation for this mailing. I noticed yesterday that the current devotional, 66 in 16 went out to the NT17 mailing list. So, I’ve been trying to figure out this afternoon how to fix it so that you, the NT17 crowd, won’t get the 66 in 16 messages. Hopefully, this is the fix. I think so, but I need to test it, hence this email. 

Hopefully it is all set now and you won’t get any more messages until January 1, when you will get one message per day with that day’s devotional and a link to the readings online. 

If you are reading this on our website, Facebook, or Twitter and wonder what this is all about and/or want to get involved, click here: https://www.calvary-bible.org/blog/start-nt17

That’s all. Hope you’re having a great weekend.